Monday, June 26, 2017

The guy to the right is accusing the guy to the left of terrorism

How Washington Post reports a survey of public opinion

This is the headline: "A majority of Russians don’t trust Putin to solve corruption." (they later added to the headline)
This is the content: "The survey, by the Washington-based Pew Research Center, finds Russians generally confident in their country’s direction, enthusiastic about Moscow’s growing say in world affairs and increasingly sanguine about the economy. A whopping 87 percent of those surveyed said they trust Putin to represent their country’s interests on the global stage."

You may be surprised but I agree with the Saudi regime that supporters and funders of terrorism should be punished

This is from the 1980s, and it says "A Committee headed by (Prince) Salman to receive donations in the Kingdom for the Afghan Mujahidin" 

Look what the human rights poseur faults Netanyahu for

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
Netanyahu gives reluctant praise when Booker Prize goes to Israeli author known for criticizing the occupation.

Princeton's Center for Middle East Studies on Muhammad bin Salman's great achievements

"MBS’s second great achievement has been in foreign policy, where he has been able to prove his capabilities to his father. MBS took the initiative to reach out to US President Donald Trump and his team immediately after the US presidential election in November 2016, and his efforts paid off, culminating in Trump’s visit to Riyadh in May 2017.  Trump’s visit was a major victory for Saudi Arabia. US-Saudi relations had reached a nadir during former US President Barack Obama’s tenure, but they have now been reset. During his visit, Trump emphasized the importance of the US-Saudi strategic relationship, offered his full support in Saudi Arabia’s rivalry with Iran for regional primacy, and signed various business and investment deals worth many billions of dollars." What great achievements. No wonder Muhammad bin Salman likes to refer to himself as Alexander the Great.

Weekend at Bernie's? UAE ruler appears after an absence of 41 months.

Oh, please. Don't be so horrified. Americans would pick George Washington and Ronald Reagan (or Trump).

Yaroslav Trofimov (@yarotrof)
Asked to name the greatest personality in world history, 38% of Russians pick Stalin. Putin is a runner-up. Sick.…

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The dissent of a Saudi prince: `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd

In his own way, `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd still expresses in his own ways his disagreements with the Saudi government. Here, he disputes the categorization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The case of Radwan Ziadeh and the lies of Ambassador Robert Ford (the known Zionist propagandist for House of Saudi)

On the article on Syrian Cicero in the Times.  Several things about this impudent Zionist article: "Mr. Ziadeh is a prominent political opponent of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. He has received fellowships at Harvard, Georgetown and the United States Institute of Peace".  And these academic fellowships were bestowed on Mr. Ziadeh (who is a dentist) due to his advanced research in dentistry, I wonder, or due to his scholarship in Middle East studies, or were they bestowed for the same reason that an architect (who never finished his degree, Kanaan Makiya) was made a chair professor at Zionist Brandeis University, i.e. due to the political convenience of their political views?  And then: "Mr. Ziadeh said he was shocked. He and his wife have lived in the United States for 10 years on a series of temporary permits, the latest of which expires next spring. Their children were born here." Oh, spare me your Zionist outrage. There are Arabs who are deported to their deaths in the Middle East especially if they are Palestinians and they never receive this sympathetic coverage in Zionist media. There are Arabs who were jailed in this country because they gave money to Palestinian hospitals.  This is the only injustice that you were able to see?  And don't forget that Saudis (men and women) are never granted asylum in the US due to a Faustain bargain between the US and Saudi regime.  And then ambassador Robert Ford lies (which is not rare in his case): "The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Ford added, has no “administrative connection” to Muslim Brotherhood factions in other countries."  He is either ignorant (which he is on matters of the Middle East despite his promotion by the think tanks of Saudi and UAE and Qatari regimes) or he is lying on purpose.  Of course the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is tied to other branches of the Brotherhood.   You may defend the asylum rights of Mr. Ziadeh but you don't have to lie.  The story of the email is entirely the account of Ziadeh: "he received a frightening email telling him to be “careful” about his mother, still in Syria."  And look at this dumb case he makes: "“What will happen? I have three American kids. I love, actually, the U.S. I visited all 50 states, even U.S. territories. I visited all the presidential libraries.”"  Visiting presidential libraries makes you a patriotic American who deserves asylum?  But what about this: " the Islamic State has him on a list of Syrians it wants dead." Can we see evidence of this please? When did ISIS put him on a list? This has become a common claim made by Americans and non-Americans alike.  Lastly, asylum cases can be legitimate in the case of Syrians as there is a real reason for fear of persecution by Syrian regime against dissidents but there is a similar fear in countries like UAE and Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Israel where the US quickly send people to persecution or death.  And I wish Zionist media would show sympathy for other cases.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This Egyptian news broadcast says that Gen. Sisi congratulates Islamic Ummah EXCEPT QATAR

Western leniency with Arab princes and princesses: Imagine if this was an average Arab convicted

"Eight princesses from the UAE have been convicted of human trafficking and degrading treatment of their servants by a Brussels court. They were given 15-month suspended jail terms and ordered to pay €165,000 (£145,000; $185,000) each, with half the sum suspended. They were accused of holding more than 20 servants they brought with them on a 2008 visit in near slavery." (thanks Basim)

What is Arab "reform"?

For US and West, Arab reform means one thing and one thing only: cozy up to Israel.  Nothing else matters.

Saudi/UAE list of demands

The list clearly revealed that the crisis is not about fighting "terrorism" but Saudi/UAE regime attempt to ban any alternative or dissident or opposition views to their rule.  It is all about that plus the attempt to impose Dahlan in Palestine on behalf of Netanyahu.

The Gulf Media War

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "The Gulf Media War: Chauvinism of Brothers".

Atlantic Council on Muhammad bin Salman: indistinguishable from crude Saudi regime propaganda

Atlantic Council propagandists weigh in.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nasser Mocks the Muslim Brotherhood's intention to have the veil imposed in Egypt (translated)

Watch here

All kidding aside, do you deny that Saudi princes are really thrilled with the new Crown Prince?

I mean, the guy to the left (fifth row) has never been happier.  

The propaganda of Ben Hubbard for the Saudi regime

Look at this article.  For an objective source on the new Crown Prince, he goes to a fellow at the King Faisal Center.  And three of the experts cited belong to think tanks funded (partly at least) by Saudi or UAE government (or is it two out of three?).  Also, he says that Muhammad bin Nayif was "respected" by Saudis. He and his father were the two most hated Saudis by far.  Notice that Hubbard have a policy: to never talk to Saudi dissidents or opposition figures.  Also, do you know that Hubbard's articles get translated and covered in Saudi regime media?  

Can you imagine this human rights poseur using this language about Iranian or Syrian rulers??

To show he represents more than the king favoring his son, new Saudi crown prince should begin real rights reforms.

Nicholas Blanford always finds a way to justify Israeli crimes

"Fighters from Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah organization routinely fired mortar rounds at the outpost or scaled the mountain to launch close-range attacks. The resulting retaliatory Israeli artillery fire often hit the village and its outskirts, killing and wounding residents and causing damage to property." (thanks Basim)

Social mobility and perceptions of social mobility

"People in the US are most unjustifiably optimistic about social mobility: "Interestingly, and this is a finding worthy of additional research, we find that Americans are especially overoptimistic about social mobility in parts of the country where actual mobility is especially low (the south and the southeast), and they are pessimistic where mobility is actually high (the north and northwest)." (thanks Laleh)

Saudi Wahhabi (most senior cleric of the 20th century) Bin Baz says this about the Muslim Brotherhood

He was asked about the Islamic groups which are "closest to righteousness".  The Muslim Brothers were included.

At this rate of Saudi regime progress....

Saudi Arabia is changing!

Who knows. Maybe Saudi regime can--say in a decade--catch up with North Korea and have its own movie industry.  This could happen.  

Syrian regime and Hizbullah are not on the same page regarding the assessment of the Arab uprisings

Hasan Nasrallah just said: "What happened in the Arab world [in the last few years] was a popular authentically patriotic movement and not the product of an international conspiracy".  This runs counter to the view of the Syrian regime and some of its allies.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What is funny is that the man to the left of Crown Prince, senior cleric, Salih Al-Fawzan, had ruled that photography is impermissible religiously

Saudi regime lobbyists in DC

Do you notice that all US newspapers pages and TV screens have been widely opened for Saudi regime lobbyists to make their case?

I am not making this up: McDonalds Saudi Arabia pledge allegiance to the new Crown Prince

The title of the Servitor of the Two Holy Places has been changed.  It now reads:  The Servitor of the Two Holy Places and McDonalds Restaurants.  

How did Muhammad bin Salman broach the topic of his appointment as Crown Prince with his dad?

There must be an awkward conversation which took place between Muhammad bin Salman and his father.  I mean, there certainly was a moment in which Bin Salman went to his father and said: look dad. You don't look good and you are not getting any younger.  I have a hunch you are leaving us soon.  I see that you issue the royal decrees at once.  I don't want you to die before attending to this matter otherwise it will all be over for me.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

`Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd is clearly not into the new rule

`Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd has been posting items which are clearly intended against the regime.  He criticized the vulgarity of the media campaign against Qatar and said that his father, Fahd, would not have allowed that.  Look what he wrote today about the new Crown Prince: He did not say I pledge allegiance.  He said: Muhammad bin Salman: you have from us all sincere prayers for what God likes and approves.

صباح الخيرات لخادم الحرمين,وأقول محمدبن نايف جهوده مشكوره,ومحمدبن سلمان لك منا جميعآالدعاء الصادق بمايحب الله ويرضى

Middle East Institute in DC: a reliable source of crude pro-Saudi propaganda

The article promises to show how the elevation of Muhammad bin Salman "raised alarm in Iran".  Here is his evidence that alarm was raised: 

"The promotion of bin Salman has raised alarm in Tehran. The most alarmist reports and opinion pieces were published in outlets affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (I.R.G.C.). Tasnim News Agency, for example, called the succession announcement in Riyadh a “soft coup” and claimed it was approved by Washington, adding that the Trump administration is pleased with bin Salman’s anti-Iran stance. Fars News Agency, also an I.R.G.C. mouthpiece, called it a “political earthquake in Riyadh.” Another Fars article said President Donald Trump and bin Salman have developed a close rapport – citing the latest arms deal between Riyadh and Washington and the creation of a U.S.-backed “Arab NATO” to counter Iran’s regional ambitions. “Trump’s footprint is apparent in these decisions,” it alleged."  But even Arab media carried such stories and even headlines. Does that mean that they too were raising alarm?

On Live Saudi TV: a guy was talking to MbS with a pointed finger but was then forcibly removed

Watch here

With great pleasure and thrill, the Saudi Muftiti endorsed the Crown Prince

The Muftiti of Saudi regime has spoken: he supports Muhammad bin Salman

Where are the tears of the ostensibly humane Western correspondents in Beirut over this?

31 out of 34 votes in the Acclamation Body

I am rather suspicious of this number.  It does not sound credible at all.  Aljazeera just changed to 31 versus 34, which is not at all what is being claimed by Saudi regime media.  

What was the last order of Muhammad bin Nayif?

His last order hours before he was sacked was a directive to grant vacation time for the `Id for the former terrorists who are now beneficiaries of the rehabilitation program.  

The pro-Saudi Pakistani clerics welcome Muhammad bin Salman

This head of pro-Saudi Pakistani clerical shop welcomes Muhammad bin Salman.  Don't judge on appearance.  This man is a very moderate very feminist version of Islam--according to the Saudi-US alliance.

And now a word from UAE regime propaganda outlet: the National welcomes Muhammad bin Salman

What I like about those propaganda outlets is this: I mean, if Muhammad bin Nayif was declared King yesterday, they would have written the same words in his support: "In the new Saudi Arabia, bold and dynamic policies inside and outside it will probably strengthen its role in the Middle East in the coming years."

PS Tahrir Institute is "partly" funded by UAE.  

‘Devastating’ survey shows huge loss of Israel support among Jewish college students

"Since its initial coalescence in 2002, Brand Israel has commissioned a large-scale segmentation study in 2010 and a followup in 2016. For anyone with the slightest Zionist impulse, the downward slope of Israel support is disturbing. While in Israel to present the recent 2016 BIG segmentation study, “Sounding the Alarm: The American-Israeli Relationship,” Oppenheim repeatedly used the word “devastating” — each time without hyperbole.  In sum, the gap between Israel-supporters and detractors is widening. The current Israel advocacy programs are not working, and Jewish college students are the leading defectors from Israel support."

Saudi Aljazeera journalist, Ali Dhafiri resigns

The pressure on Saudis who work for Qatari companies is so strong that many forced to resign. The long time Aljazeera presenter, Ali Adh-Dhafiri, resigned yesterday and expressed loyalty to the Saudi regime.  The weird thing is that he never resigned even when Aljazeera was most vocal against the Saudi regime.  I knew Dhafiri and his resignation surprised me a great deal.

Smooth transition?

Of course, Saudi media are going out of their way to stress the smoothness of transition.  The Saudi regime media made the Acclamation Body (Hay'at Al-Ba`ah) sound like it is an elected representative body.  There is a clear danger for the regime: the base of power has never been narrower.  The coup of 1964 brought various brothers together.  Muhammad bin Salman, in contrast, has even excluded his half brothers who have had good reputation and attained real education (a rarity in that lousy family).  Furthermore, by becoming the sole ruler, he has to own by himself all the lousy decision of recent years.  He does not have someone else to blame for his blunders and adventures.  To be sure, there will be propagandists of the House of Saud (like the New York Times correspondent Ben Hubbard or Washington Post's David Ignatius) who will tell you how popular the new Crown Prince on social media--in a country where a mere retweet or tweet in disagreement with the government can land you a long jail sentence and where an expression of sympathy for Qatar can land you 15 years in jail in UAE.  Also, the scene of the meeting between Bin Nayif and bin Salman was a bit overdone and manufactured.  Muhammad bin Nayif was way too hurried to finish and was looking as comfortable as when the son of King Abdullah of SA realized that it was too late to change the succession line upon his father's death.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

House of Saudi: those who oppose them are cheering

No one has ever shaken the usually united Saudi Family like this Muhammad bin Salman.  Opponents of the regime are counting on him to bring the regime down.  March on.

Flash: Muhammad bin Salman made Crown Prince

Muhammad bin Salman is now Crown Prince.  He will be the next king--if he survives.  

For those who don't think that UK press is Islamophobic

Thus Spoke Fadlo

"“Mistakes were made and are being made, but people in the region did not lose faith in the American intellectual agenda.” " What is the American intellectual agenda which the Arabs still believe in, as he claims??