Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Polish anti-Semitic crowds: notice that Zionists are silent when it comes to real threats of anti-Semitism

Notice that boycotts of Israel generate more outrage in Western press than repugnant chants of anti-Semitic crowds in Poland.  But then again: Israel and Zionists have always been soft about European AND American anti-Semitism because the governments there are pro-Israel.

Another Iranian plot to kill a Saudi ambassador

After the diabolic plot in which the Iranian Revolutionary Guards hired a Texas salesman who hire a Mexican drug kingpin to stake out the Saudi ambassador in DC to assassinate him (whatever happened to that case, by the way) the Saudi intelligence service discovered yet another Iranian diabolical plot, this time against the Saudi ambassador in Iraq.  Only this time the Iraqi government said that the ambassador never told them about the plot.  

Someone needs to fact check the Fact Checker at the Washington Post

"Oddly, the New York Post described the journal as a “Saudi propaganda organ” even though the Saudi government has banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Presumably one cannot be both a Saudi propagandist and a Muslim Brotherhood operative at the same time."  No, Mr. Kessler.  You are wrong here.  You can be a Saudi propagandist and a Muslim Brother at the same time. In fact, the Lebanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, known as Jama`ah Islamiyyah, remain a tool of the Saudi regime and advocate for its royal family.  The Saudi regime was for decade a sponsor and funder of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The conflict between the regime and the Muslim Brotherhood is quite recent.  

I never realized that Jihad, for Salafis, simply mean peace with Israel

Islam Alloush is "officially" ousted after giving an interview with an Israeli journalist in which he said peace with Israel is possible.

Gene Wilder

In the first version of this obituary of Gene Wilder in the Times, they made no mention of Richard Pryor.

What Liz Sly reports on Syria is not her own perspective: I discovered that she speaks for all "Syrians in Syria"

That's basically what Syrians in Syria were saying at the time. Not sure if true, but I don't think you can dismiss as nonsense.

There has never been a more sincere and passionate speaker more than this great man: George Habash in 1975

Watch here.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Fath Movement imports Wahhabi standards that Women are pudenda

Fath movement censors the names of women from its municipal election lists.  It only says "sister..."

Al-Qa`idah in Syria approves of mainstream Western press but rejects Electronic Intifada

"Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Syria refused to grant The Electronic Intifada an interview, accusing the publication of “unprofessional” journalism.  This rejection comes as the group is reaching out to other English-language media outlets as part of a slick marketing effort."

AUB website features a saying by Donald Trump

PS I am just informed that they have removed it.

How the Lebanese Daily Start eulogized Israeli war criminal, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer

Yesterday, Daily Star of Lebanon carried the headline (from the AP story) that he was a "veteran politician" and said that he served as "a bridge between Arabs and Israel".  This war criminal was implicated with killing of Egyptian prisoners of war, and he was a liaison with the Lebanese right-wing death squads during the civil war. After I pointed out the Daily Star story on Facebook last night, it later changed the headline and deleted the reference to the "bridge" but it never apologized to its readers. The paper is owned jointly by Hamad bin Jasim of the Qatari regime and Lebanese man of letters, Sa`d Hariri.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Truth about Mother Teresa

"Over hundreds of hours of research, much of it cataloged in a book he published in 2003, Dr. Chatterjee said he found a “cult of suffering” in homes run by Mother Teresa’s organization, the Missionaries of Charity, with children tied to beds and little to comfort dying patients but aspirin.  He and others said that Mother Teresa took her adherence to frugality and simplicity in her work to extremes, allowing practices like the reuse of hypodermic needles and tolerating primitive facilities that required patients to defecate in front of one another."

The lousiest book to come out on Iran: revising the memory of the Shah

So this Cooper, author of this book, stumbled on an amazing discovery: he says that the despotic Shah was not bad but that Western media was manipulated into thinking that: " Cooper claims, for example, that Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr, a nationalist-left activist who deposed the shah with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiniand later served as the first president, told him how they manipulated the Western media’s coverage of Iran." Wow. (thanks Fred)

Having failed as a mayor of Chicago he wants to fail as ambassador to the Israeli occupation state

"A persistent rumor had it that Emanuel — whose father is an Israeli immigrant and whose middle name is Israel — was seeking to be appointed U.S. ambassador to the Jewish state, a job that, while far from easy, might represent a graceful escape route from Chicago's financial, criminal and policing problems."

Zionism is always racism: why can't non-Europeans in Israel stop having children basically

"He describes the arrival of Soviet Jewry as a “human tsunami”; Moroccan Jews, the author concludes, were “less able to contribute economically to Israel”; and he claims that “Israel’s Ethiopians are unable to change their skin color and blend in like immigrants from earlier waves.”  One almost gets the feeling reading this book that if only Jews had all been non-Russian, white Europeans from Germany, then it would have been better to have millions of them. Perhaps it’s not demographics that is the problem, but not having enough white Europeans in Israel?"

By the way, how come no one in the Western press has written about the controversies and criticisms of the US ambassador in Amman?

Read here.

Comrade Joseph Massad responds to reviewers

Read here, now.

This is the funeral of someone the PA criminal collaborationist regime called "an outlaw"

Jaffa on my mind

I have been reading about Jaffa as of late.  What the Zionist gangs did to Jaffa (from the late 19th century) is sufficient to maintain anger at Zionism for eternity.  The Zionist battle against Jaffa was really the introduction of barrel bombs--which never bothers Western conscience when deployed against by Zionist gangs.  

What is not (or rarely) in US media: US killing of Syrian civilians

"The figures from the U.S. Central Command show a rate of one civilian death for every 200 strikes that U.S. planes have launched in Iraq and Syria.
That’s a vastly lower figure than the war in Afghanistan at its height — a rate of one dead civilian for about every 15 strikes — or during six years of counter­terrorism strikes in countries including Pakistan and Yemen, where the White House in a recent study found that a civilian died for every four to seven strikes." Source.

Sirhan Bisharah Sirhan

Some of us, Arabs in the US, feel that Sirhan Bisharah Sirhan, has been singled out for harsh treatment because of his ethnicity.  There is no question about it.  Arabs in the US are afraid of even mentioning Sirhan (not to lionize him and not to exonerate him but to speak about his rights as a prisoner).  I spoke to his brother this week and it is clear that Sirhan has been punished illegally for his ethnicity.  For example: he has been keen on preserving his Arabic while in prison, so he keeps a copy of the Qur'an in his cell. This basically led the prison guards and the prisoners to treat him after Sep. 11 like a dangerous Jihadi terrorist--Sirhan is Christian by the way.  There should be more coverage of this case, but Arab-American and Muslim-American organizations are busy lobbying for arms sales for polygamous Gulf dynasties.  Sirhan has been isolated ever since they found the Qur'an in his cell.

I love cats more than anyone and our cats (Bailey and Aaden are like our children but...)

Stray cats in Jerusalem gets better coverage than Palestinians in Jerusalem. (thanks Gregory) 

The lies of Uri Avnery and Amos Kenan

From James: "Uri Avnery on Kenan: “Amos Kenan was a moral person.”

Amos Kenan, “The Legacy of Lydda: Four Decades of Blood Vengeance.” The Nation 248.5 (Feb. 6, 1989).
In the afternoon, those of us who couldn't take it any more would steal off to Tel Aviv for a few hours, on one excuse or another. At night, those of us who couldn't restrain ourselves would go into the prison compounds to fuck Arab women. I want very much to assume, and perhaps even can, that those who couldn't restrain themselves did what they thought the Arabs would have done to them had they won the war.

George Habash’s response: “A Reply To Amos Kenan’s ‘The Legacy of Lydda’and An Interview With PFLP Leader Dr. George Habash.”
“My own memories of Lydda completely contradict Kenan’s lies. . . .  When I reached Lydda I found my sister seriously ill with typhoid. She was my eldest sister who was married and had six children. The curfew made it impossible to obtain medicines or even to move about. I found the Clinic had been removed to what had been the CMS Hospital and was now barely a clinic. Nevertheless I felt obliged to stay there in order to take care of patients because there were no doctors left in the city to treat the sick and the wounded. Someone managed to get to the clinic to tell me that my sister was dead. I had to go to her home which was some distance from the Clinic. When I went outside and found my way through the streets, I saw terrible sights: dozens of bodies lay on the ground in pools of blood, old and young had been shot. Among the dead I recognized one elderly man, a good old neighbor who had a small Falafel shop, a man who had never carried a gun. The Israelis were killing defenseless, unarmed people indiscriminately.”"

According to the Post, the Mugabe government "violently" suppresses a protest: let us look at the details

"Anti-Mugabe protest violently quashed:  Zimbabwean police used batons, tear gas and water cannons to crush an anti-government protest in the capital Friday".  You have noticed the irony, have you not? Even when Israel faces Palestinian demonstrators with live ammunition, the Israeli methods are NOT referred to as violent.  Yet, water cannons by Mugabe's elected government are called "violent".  

A most silly review of a book on Karl Marx

"He was an avid reader of The Economist, while publicly dismissing it as the “European organ of the aristocracy of finance”."  I didn't get this: that because he was an avid reader he should have praised it in public?

Saudi UAE alliance with Israel

"In addition, Israel has established separate official channels of communication with Saudi Arabia, as well as with the United Arab Emirates, and these channels are considered “real and significant,” according to Daniel Levy, president of the U.S./Middle East Project."  The funny part of this NYT editorial is that the Zionist publication is faulting the Arab Islamic regime for not caring about the Palestinians.  

A Phoenician colony in Appalachia?

"They are said to be the progeny of Phoenicians who fled the Roman sacking of Carthage, or of pre-Columbian Turkish explorers (making them America’s first Muslims)."

"elections" in Jordan

There is no fake elections in the Middle East as farcical as those in Jordan.  Yet, there is no mention in the Western press about the various blatant intrusions and violations of laws and rules set up by the regime itself.  It is such a joke without any negative press in the US.  There are no elections in Jordan: the regime arranges for largely tribal envoys to sit together in a building but without any powers whatsoever.  Look what happened to the Islamists: it is not that the regime dissolved their party, but took it away and gave it to stooges of the palace.  And yesterday, the regime just like that cancelled an election announcement of candidates, for no reason.  Yet, from Jon Stewart to Meet the Press they invite the buffoonish king to speak about the Arab youth--like he speaks for them.

Left and Right in European elections.

This new account of Musa As-Sadir is interesting if there is any evidence to it

"Cooper writes that Sadr feared Khomeini’s rise to power and had secretly contacted the shah. “This is the juice of a sick mind,” he told a close aide of the shah about Khomeini. In July 1978, Sadr sent a message to the shah, offering to help him and speak to Khomeini on his behalf, the mediator between the two men told Cooper.  The shah welcomed the gesture and saw him as a means of blocking Khomeini’s power grab. Sadr, in the meantime, harbored a dream of returning to Iran to play a role in public life. Other moderate clerics viewed Sadr as the only charismatic leader who was capable of standing up to Khomeini. “By the summer of 1978, he and the shah were two men in search of a lifeline,” Cooper writes. The shah agreed to send a representative to West Germany to meet Sadr. A week before the meeting, Sadr traveled to Tripoli to meet Ayatollah Mohammed Beheshti, Khomeini’s aide. Beheshti never came. Instead, he told Gaddafi over the phone that his “guest” was “a threat to Khomeini.” Drawing on a variety of sources, Cooper deduces that Sadr was eventually killed on the orders of Gaddafi."   In those Western accounts of As-Sadr, there is one missing element of the story: that the closest ally (throughout his career from 1970 until his "disappearance") was the Asad regime.  If you forget that As-Sadr aligned with the Asad regime throughout the civil war, even when the Asad regime supported and armed the right-wing sectarian militia, maybe then you can fill in the blanks.  (thanks Basim)

PS By the way, the "variety of sources" minted in the review are along the lines: someone who told me and he knew someone who was very close to an aide to an assistant of As-Sadr.

PPS I told the story before: As-Sadr was once in my father's office, while the Shah's ambassador in Beirut arrived for an appointment with the speaker of Lebanese parliament, and As-Sadr would not even acknowledge him or greet him.

New York Times story about Russian disinformation campaigns

You read this long article and there is not one evidence to substantiate the claims of the story.  And here are the sources: "numerous analysts and experts in American and European intelligence point to Russia as the prime suspect".  Don't you like "numerous analysts"?  Can you imagine an undergraduate using such language for a source in a research paper?  And now this passage about the innocence of US government: "The planting of false stories is nothing new; the Soviet Union devoted considerable resources to that during the ideological battles of the Cold War."  Why not write something like this: the US government can never tell a lie.  But this is the best part: when the New York Times attributes negative perceptions of the US in Czech republic to...Russian disinformation; that there could not be another reason for such negative perception: "poll this summer by European Values, a think tank in Prague, found that 51 percent of Czechs viewed the United States’ role in Europe negatively".  And the article concludes by maintaining that any person, left or right, who deviates from US narrative of world affairs is merely a victim of Russian disinformation.  Increasingly, US media remind me of media back home in the Middle East.  The subtlety of the propaganda has all but disappeared.  

Why there is no debate on Syria: why there is only one point of view allowed in US press

It is simple. Just as there is no debate on Israel in the US, the Zionists have appropriated the Syrian issue and its rhetoric in the US (including the lionization of the Syrian rebels.  Have you met one Zionist in the US who has not championed Syrian rebels?  So just as Zionists only impose one point of view and one standard terminology on Israel, they also have permitted the same narrow parameters of debate on Syria.  I was thinking yesterday: there are at least three sides to the Syrian conflict: those who are pro-Syrian regime, those who are pro-Syrian rebels, and those who abhor both sides.  Who among the three groups were permitted space in US media: from the New York Times to Democracy Now? Who?

The Dean of Columbia's school of journalism conflates Jihadi Syrian rebels with civilians

"If Aleppo’s rebels and its civilian volunteers". This must be the cutest apology I have seen for Syrian Jihadi rebels.  Why not attach them to civilians (or civilian volunteers) and thus make them part of the civilian population.  So the civilians living under duress in the lands of ISIS and Nusrah are mere civilian volunteers?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Paul Wolfowitz

American liberals are bragging that Paul Wolfowitz may vote for Hillary.  

The Clinton Era

Doctors without Borders

I noticed that their reaction to Saudi bombs on their hospital in Yemen has been quite muted.  I wonder why.

The New York Times confirms: US bombs and rockets never hit civilian areas in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

"although Syrian and Russian attacks have repeatedly hit predominantly Arab rebel groups backed by the United States, as well as hospitals, schools and civilian areas."

US media won't cover this: A Palestinian female poet is arrested by Israel for her poetry

A Palestinian female poet is arrested by the Israeli occupation state for her poetry.  

Sources of American Zionist concerns

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar:  "Sources of American Zionist Disquiet: The Unrestrained American Generation".  

Friday, August 26, 2016

I am embarrassed to say that this is from IC (my elementary-to-high school) school in Beirut: from its alumni magazine.

Roger Cohen of the Times refers to Jihadi groups (including Al-Qa`idah and Islamic Turkistan Islamic Party) as Syrian "opposition"

"Today, as then, Aleppo is divided between a beleaguered eastern sector controlled by opposition groups and a larger western sector controlled by Assad’s brutal regime."  Which reminds me, how come all the fanatic Zionists of the US are such fanatic supporters of Syrian Jihadi groups and the Syrian "revolution"? Is there a correlation between the two positions?  

It is official: Israel is found innocent of war crime charges...according to Israel

"The Israeli military on Wednesday cleared its forces of wrongdoing in three deadly incidents that occurred during the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip, including an airstrike that killed 15 members of one family.  Israel’s investigative process is at the heart of a Palestinian case to press for war-crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The Palestinians say Israel has a poor record of prosecuting wrongdoing in its ranks.  The Israeli military said Wednesday that it had closed a total of seven probes without filing charges after a special team collected testimony from Gaza residents and Israeli officers."

How US government promoted Jihadi terrorism among children of Afghanistan during the Cold War

"The United States spent millions printing textbooks for Afghan children and adults that encouraged violence against non-Muslim “infidels” like Soviet troops, as in this excerpt from a book for Pashto-speaking first graders."

So in a long article about Saudi Arabia in the Times, who comes to the defense of Saudi despotism? The same guy who wants democracy in Syria

"“Americans like to have someone to blame — a person, a political party or country,” said Robert S. Ford, a former United States ambassador to Syria and Algeria. “But it’s a lot more complicated than that. I’d be careful about blaming the Saudis.”  Of course, Ford is a fellow at the Saudi-Hariri-funded Atlantic Council (of course, Saudi funding in Washington comes with no-strings-attached).

"What Orthodox Women Wear to the Beach Is No Different From a Burkini"

"Moshe Sebbag, the rabbi of the Grand Synagogue of Paris, announced this week that he supports the French ban on burkinis, the modest swimwear some Muslim women wear to cover up on the beach. Wearing a burkini, he said, is not “innocent” and it sends a message.  But, we ask Sebbag, what difference exactly is there between the garb Orthodox Jewish women wear to the beach than the burkinis that some Muslim women wear?  And why should one religious group of women be allowed to follow their traditions over another?"